Featured Services
IC is a full service investigative firm specializing in insurance defense investigations. We have restricted our services for insurance companies, third party administrators, municipalities adjusting firms and defense attorneys. Although we offer a broad range of services, we specialize in the following areas:
  1.     1. Auto Theft Inspection
  2.     2. Video Surveillance
  3.     3. Liability Insurance
  4.     4. Activity Checks
  5.     5. Background Research

All assignments will be initiated within a two-week period. Same day or next day assignments can be accommodated. Fees and Terms
Investigative services are billed at $65.00 per hour plus $.50 per mile. Cases requiring two investigators will be billed at $95.00 per hour plus mileage.
This includes:
  1.     1. Report Writing
  2.     2. Video Tape and Video Storage
  3.     3. Data Research
  4.     4. Photographs
Additional fees:
Meals, lodging, court records, etc will be billed as incurred. Assignments
Assignments can be made in the following ways:
  1.     1. Phone 918-286-7059
  2.     2. Fax 918-355-3334
  3.     3. Web www.invconcepts.net
  4.     4. Mail P.O. Box 471832 Tulsa, OK 74147

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